Out2Play takes place twice per week Woodburn and once per week in each of Mayfield and Gorebridge. The sessions are aimed at children living near the park sites used.

Out2Play supports children and young people, through weekly open-access outdoor play sessions, to take part in a variety of exciting play opportunities and promotes their right to play. Play sessions take place in public space within the local community, encouraging children to play out and access play close to home. This in turn reduces safety concerns around playing out and builds positive connections in the community.

Our community playworkers bring a wide selection of resources to sessions, for all sorts of play, including sports and games equipment, arts and crafts materials and loose parts. Loose parts are materials which children can move, adapt, control, change and manipulate in their play (such as large pieces of fabric, crates and guttering). There are no set ways to play with loose parts and children are encouraged to use their imagination in their play. Children also have the opportunity to take part in wide-ranging activities with the support of the community playworkers including fire bowls, den-building, water play and so much more.

Out2Play is for children age 5 and up. The sessions are open access (not childcare) and children are free to come and go. If you are happy for your children to be responsible for themselves – and they are old enough to ‘play out’ – they can attend on their own. Otherwise you can attend the sessions with your child(ren). Children under 5 can attend accompanied by an adult.