Special Resolution to Adopt New Articles of Association

How to access the document

The new Articles of Association can be downloaded here –
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The directors decided that it would be beneficial to update Play Midlothian’s governing document, which was created in 2002 when Play Midlothian (formerly known as MAP) became a company. This was prompted by the fact we changed name in April and we’d like to ensure our governing document refers to our new name. This has provided the opportunity to modernise the wording, making the document clearer, and bringing it in line with more recent legislation. Following careful review, a new Articles of Association document was approved by the directors at a meeting on 7th September 2017. The new Articles of Association are based on the SCVO model Articles of Association.

Key changes

  • We have improved the wording of the objects, not to change but to clarify our purpose, and have received approval from OSCR for this.
  • The quorum for directors’ / general meetings is now based on a % of directors / members respectively.
  • The Articles of Association document now contains the necessary information that was previously split across two documents – a Memorandum of Association and an Articles of Association. This is a change brought in by The Companies Act (2006).

At our AGM on 4th November 2017, members will be asked to pass a special resolution in order for Play Midlothian to submit the necessary documents and evidence to governing bodies.

“We resolve to adopt the new and updated Articles of Association for Play Midlothian.”

Name change

In this, our 21st birthday year, we have changed our charity’s name from Midlothian Association of Play to Play Midlothian, to give the organisation a strong and clear identity going forward.
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